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Ella Masters


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Shipping Q&A

"Your message actually brought a tear to my eye!"


"I loved being able to send little positivity through the post to people we love but can't see"

blooming skull coffee

"Joyful 🌈 "


"Made my parents/in laws cry - they are isolating/unable to see my 2 year old grandson, who sent them"


Thank you so much! Really cheered me up after my night shifts <3 


"You're an angel, actually welled up at this, thank you so much"

blooming skull cafe

"Hey Ella, I've just ordered one of your cards for my friend. it's such a lovely idea!"


"Your positive postcard caaaaame thanks so much lovely, it was perfect! And after a difficult weekend was such a gorgeous pick me up. You’re the best! It’s definitely going to make a difference to so many people. Keep it up legend"


Thank you for giving me a way to reach out to my Nan <3


Your postcards reached my family today and cheered them up so much they shed tears of happiness. I'm so grateful that you came up with such an incredible way to spread joy in these dark uncertain times. This is my postcard TO YOU<3

elle chow